Sunday, 13 April 2014

AF09 - Superlunarskin - From The Second Vespers

Superlunarskin is the experimental music project of Elliot Wheeler from Liverpool, UK. Elliot has played guitar in many alternative bands over the years and is currently the lead guitarist in The Crucified Twins. Superlunarskin grew from his interest in ambient and experimental music with 'From The Second Vespers' being his first official release.
Using drones, samples, minimal beats, spoken word and electronic treatments he has created a five track EP of soundscapes with hints of electronica and a melancholy tone.

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Saturday, 22 February 2014

AF08 - Damian Valles - Black Fast In The Valley Of Ills

Assembly Field is very pleased to welcome Canadian artist Damian Valles. Damian recorded the parts for 'Black Fast In The Valley Of Ills' in the fall of 2013 shortly after uprooting and relocating. It is comprised of a variety of processed instrumental recordings that were formulated into a single long-form piece during the winter months that followed. The title of the piece is intended to be open to the listeners interpretation.

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Sunday, 12 January 2014

AF07 - Kamifukuoka - Music For Red Curtain

Kamifukuoka is the collaborative project of Souichi Takagi and Masayoshi Miyazaki. Souichi plays piano and writes the tracks while Masayoshi concentrates on field recordings, subtle guitar and the overall mixing and production. Together they have created a six track album of melodic piano tracks with an original sound and an experimental edge.

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Sunday, 17 November 2013

Assembly Field's second compilation album is out today! 11 ambient / experimental tracks by some very talented artists, a big thank you to all the artists involved.

AF06 - VA Compilation #2

Tracklisting -

01 Silmus - After Waiting
02 Maps and Diagrams - rASB
03 Transmission 13 - Foreland
04 Alonefold - Isolation Horizon
05 Halftribe - I Can't Do This Alone
06 Ashlar - Bluecoat Chambers
07 Offthesky - Pseudo Symmetry
08 Cousin Silas - Grid Reference 9.076
09 Caught In The Wake Forever - Temple Walkway
10 Brice Salek - Prehistoric Music
11 Hilyard - Detritus

Compiled by Phil Edwards

Mastered by Wil Bolton

Artwork by Phil Edwards

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Sunday, 22 September 2013

AF05 - Tone Color - The Last Day

Tone Color is the solo music project of Andy Lomas from Manchester, UK.
Recorded between October 2011 and September 2013, The Last Day is a collection of ambient / experimental tracks created using warm synth tones, guitar, virtual tape plugins and environmental sounds.
With previous ep and compilation releases, this is Andy's first full length album and it's a pleasure to release it on Assembly Field.

Download here-

Saturday, 10 August 2013

AF04 - Buben - Second To None

Assembly Field welcomes Vladislav Buben to the label. Based in Belarus, this prolific artist has released a wide range of electronic music over the last decade or so, covering many styles including ambient, drone, idm and techno.
Second To None is a mini album consisting of five tracks in an experimental style, incorporating elements of ambient and dark ambient.
Buben has previous releases on many labels including Roil Noise, Audiotong and Beergut Recordings.

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Saturday, 15 June 2013

AF03 - PJE - Distant Rest

PJE is UK-based artist Phil Edwards. He crafts his own style of melodic, melancholic electronica and ambient music, using soothing keys, field recordings, guitars and electronic treatments. He has previously released ep's and albums on labels including Cathedral Transmissions, U-Cover, Crazy Language and Ephre Imprint.

Distant Rest is a single long-form track which takes its title from a line in a poem by World War I soldier and poet Wilfred Owen entitled Dulce et Decorum Est. It refers to going back to the safety of the barracks after fighting on the front line, and a theme of safety and a return to an easier, simpler time runs through the track, which is based around a field recording made on the artist's phone at his mother's house where he grew up.

Visiting his childhood home with his own children, you can hear his kids playing and shouting and the noise of passing traffic outside. These subtly manipulated environmental sounds are layered with soft lulling keyboard tones and passages of electric guitar. The sounds are stretched, looped and electronically processed into an immersive ambient drift of droning textures, glitches, noise and submerged melody, with a nostalgic and melancholy tone.

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