Sunday, 24 January 2016

AF24 - Gary Bromley - Outside

Assembly Field is very pleased to release an EP of improvised dub tracks by Gary Bromley (Dif Juz).
'I tried to keep as close to improv as much as I could with recording and mixing all tracks done in one take. Over the years I believe that improv is the purest form of music and creation close to the oneness of the universe, any mistakes or error makes the music human. The simplicity of this music is a mantra I bring forth from my inner self to the universe' - Gary Bromley

Download and very limited edition CDR here- 

Sunday, 29 November 2015

AF23 - Robert Farrugia - Half-Light

'Half-Light was written and recorded between the Spring and Summer of 2015. The album consists mainly of an amalgamation of textures created by a virtual analogue synth and a Weinbach Upright Piano. First few tracks entail minimalistic guitars reverberating coherently with ethereal timbres, these will later on develop into piano-oriented motifs. Half-Light closes off with synth textures blended together with field-recordings creating a soothing soundscape. All songs written, arranged, performed, mixed, mastered and produced by Robert Farrugia. Special thanks go to Samwel Mallia & Ben Mifsud Joslin for the constant feedback given throughout all stages of this particular release. Album art by Luke Azzopardi, photograph taken during the Summer of 2013 at Mellieħa, Malta. Thank you goes to Phil Edwards of Assembly Field. Thank you for listening.' – Robert Farrugia

Download and very limited edition CDR here-

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

AF22 - A Bleeding Star - Soulcreature: The Structure of Nature

{A Bleeding Star} Is A {Dark-Ambient/Gothic/Experimental/Drone} Project Created In {MMVIII} ...Although the Aesoteric Count Only Usually Works With His Personal Gathering of Ghosts, Specters, Spirits {&} Wraiths...Certain Chosen {ABS} Chapters of His {Cauldronations / Sombre Creations} tend to Ask for the Certain Skills of Other Fine {Good-Dark} Soul'd Artists | {^-. .-^}

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Sunday, 27 September 2015

AF21 - Ross Baker - East of Evening

‘East of Evening was an experiment in stripping my sound
down to the barest bones. After years of using layered
and sequenced electronics, I spent 2012 returning to my
roots in playing acoustic instruments and this album
took it to its limit. The original 10 track cassette edition,
released in a single-figure edition in early 2013, featured
only guitar, piano and field recordings - both raw and
treated - plus spoken word on one piece. This expanded
edition features four previously unreleased tracks,
including two which feature a Korg MS2000. I have never
been a summer person but something I love about those
warmer months is the stillness of a summer evening.
East of Evening is inspired by that most serene time of year’
- Ross Baker

Download and very limited edition CDR here -

Sunday, 30 August 2015

AF20 - Berber Ox - Lye

'Lye is the result of recordings made in Sydney and Tokyo between June and December 2014. Most of the finished tracks defied the will of their creator in some way. The title track started out quiet, but ended up loud. Lover of Digestibles was originally conceived as loud, but somehow got quiet. Early Worm was meant to be an exercise in Hawkwind-style space rock; first all the space disappeared, and then the rock. Cloches de Merde began as some sort of digital gamelan thing, but ended up paying homage to an old cassette recording, taken from late night radio, where some genius had mixed Martin Denny/Arthur Lyman tunes with the sounds of trains & steamships. The Quaker Astronomer somehow absorbed those discarded gamelan gestures. I take only limited responsibility for the whole thing' - David Rutledge

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Sunday, 9 August 2015

Assembly Field's third compilation is out today!
A big thank you to all the artists involved.

AF19 - VA Compilation #3

Tracklisting -

01 Spinnet - The Pillar of Winter
02 Eendenkend - Amber Clouds
03 A Bleeding Star - The Fogblissforest (Out Of Reach Mix By Mind.Divided)
04 Superlunarskin - Talisman
05 DR - Sadness
06 Gnomula Larvae - The Room
07 Jared Armes - Lucid Dreams
08 Sound Awakener - Horizon pt1
09 Projektions - 12 Days
10 Twincities - Swellrose Demos (A Flown Bird)
11 Tim Kays - Sleeping Under the Red Trees
12 Jazzdefector - The empty streets say nothing of the secrets they keep
13 José Soberanes - She Makes Beauty From Ashes
14 Nojoined - Days of Wolfram Haze
15 Oliver Ryles - 23
16 Projektions - Porta (Bonus Track)

Compiled by Phil Edwards
Mastered by Fraser McGowan
Artwork by Ninjarabbit-Stock {&} Alex Goth

Download here -


Sunday, 14 June 2015

AF18 - BABEL - Janiform

BABEL is the solo improvisational project of Toronto based multi - instrumentalist Jakob Rehlinger. Recorded in January 2015, Janiform is an album of eight improvised experimental pieces based around the piano.

Download here -